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Api du brûleur de graisse cara makan, Liste des données de mémoires des hommes

This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others. Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury. To assure no damage is done to the finish of the product, the safest way to remove the adhesive from packaging tape on new appliances is an application of a household liquid dishwashing detergent. Apply with a soft cloth and allow to soak.

NOTE: The adhesive must be removed from all parts. It cannot be removed if it is heated. Model Number Serial Number Use these numbers in any correspondence or service calls concerning your rangetop. If you received a damaged rangetop Immediately contact the dealer or builder that sold you the rangetop.

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Troubleshooting tips Before you request service, check the Problem Solver in the back of this manual. It lists causes of minor operating problems that you can correct yourself. If you need service To obtain service, see the Consumer Services page in the back of this manual.

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We re proud of our service and want you to be pleased. If for some reason you are not happy with the service you receive, here are the steps to follow for further help.

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FIRST, contact the people who api du brûleur de graisse cara makan your appliance. Explain why you are not pleased. In most cases, this will solve the problem. Gas appliances can cause minor exposure to four of these substances, namely benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and soot, caused primarily by the incomplete combustion of natural gas or LP fuels. Properly adjusted burners, indicated by a bluish rather than a yellow flame, will minimize incomplete combustion.

Exposure to these substances can be minimized by venting with an open window or using a ventilation fan or hood. This airflow may interfere with operation of the gas burners resulting in fire or explosion hazard. All other servicing should be referred to a qualified technician.

They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the appliance. Doing so may result in carbon monoxide poisoning or overheating of the appliance.

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Be careful when reaching for items stored over the rangetop. Flammable material could be ignited if brought in contact with surface burners or burner grates and may cause severe burns. Do not let pot holders touch surface burners, burner grates or oven heating elements. Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth. These surfaces may be hot enough to burn.

During and after use, do not touch, or let clothing or other flammable materials contact, the surface burners, grill or griddle on some modelsand areas near the surface burners; allow sufficient time for cooling first. Potentially hot surfaces include the rangetop, areas facing the rangetop, or any backguard or high shelf surface.

api du brûleur de graisse cara makan

The blower, if in operation, could spread the flames. Smother a flaming pan on a surface unit by covering the pan completely with a wellfitting lid, cookie sheet or flat tray. Use a multi-purpose dry chemical or foam-type fire extinguisher.

api du brûleur de graisse cara makan

Flaming grease outside a pan can be put out by covering it with baking soda or, if available, by using a multi-purpose dry chemical or foam-type fire extinguisher. You can have a small leak, and therefore a faint gas smell, if the connections are not completely tight. Finding a gas leak is a do-it-yourself procedure. Some leaks can only be found with the burner control in the ON position.

For your protection, it must be done by a qualified service technician. Never use an open flame to locate a leak. Do not attempt to use the appliance until the gas has had time to dissipate.

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Follow the instructions in What to do if You Smell Gas on page 2. The chemical that produces the spraying action could, in the presence of heat, ignite or cause metal parts to corrode. Excessive flame is hazardous. The high BTU burners can easily melt cookware handles. If the burner flames are smothered by a severe boilover which affects the igniter, unburned gas will escape into the room.

Frost on frozen foods or moisture on fresh foods can cause hot fat to bubble up and over the sides of the pan.

Filling the pan too full of fat can cause spillovers when food is added. Wait until the fat is cool.

api du brûleur de graisse cara makan

The hot air from the vent may ignite flammable items and will increase pressure in closed containers, which may cause them to burst. Doing so may result in carbon monoxide poisoning, overheating of the rangetop surfaces, or a potential fire hazard.

Select cookware having flat bottoms large enough to properly contain food and avoid boilovers and spillovers and large enough to cover burner grate. This will save cleaning time and prevent hazardous accumulations of food, since heavy spattering or spillovers left on the rangetop can ignite. Use pans with handles that can be easily grasped and remain cool.

Let hot grease cool before attempting to handle it. Avoid letting grease deposits collect in the grill or the griddle grease troughs some models. Clean these areas after each use. It may be necessary to clean these when there is a boilover or when the burner does not light, even though the electronic igniters click.

Incorrect alignment will produce poor burner performance. Never operate the burner without all burner parts in place.

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Avoid steam burns; do not use a wet sponge or cloth to clean the rangetop while it is hot. Some cleaners produce noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface. Follow manufacturer s directions. Appearance may vary. The burners will automatically relight if the flame goes out.

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All surface burner igniters will spark and make clicking sounds when any burner is turned on. Do not touch any of the burners when igniters are clicking.

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Occasionally the burners may spark if excess wind or a draft blows the flame away from the burner s flame sensor. The griddle and IR infrared grill are equipped with Glo-Bar igniters.

The Glo-Bar remains energized whenever the griddle or IR grill is in use to ensure the burner always stays lit. Hold a lighted match to the burner, then turn the knob to the LOW position. Api du brûleur de graisse cara makan not attempt to light the grill or griddle during a power outage. The gas to these burners will automatically shut off during a power outage. To light a surface burner Push the control knob in and turn it counterclockwise to the position.

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ON Indicator Light turn the knob to adjust the flame size. Do not operate api du brûleur de graisse cara makan burner for an extended period of time without cookware on the grate. The finish on the grate may chip without cookware to absorb the heat. The indicator light on each bezel verifies the burner is on. However, it api du brûleur de graisse cara makan not be a substitute for visually checking the flame at the burner.

Dual-flame stacked burners All surface burners have two sets of flames stacked one on top of the other; the dual-flame burners have a lower simmer flame and a upper main flame. When a burner is turned on, the lower flame will always light and stay on. The stacked burner design provides a wide rangetop of heat settings with which to simmer.

Depending on the type and quantity of food, and pan size, the flame can be adjusted to suit your specific need. The lowest setting uses only the lower flame and can maintain delicate foods at a safe F. Settings from to I will use both upper and lower flames. Use to for all purpose cooking. Use or highest setting with larger diameter cookware.

Lower Flame Upper Flame Lower Flame and are very high heat settings and are intended to sear foods quickly and boil large quantities of water. The flame size on a gas burner should match the cookware you are using. Any flame larger than the bottom of the cookware will not result in faster heating and could be hazardous. For surface stability, 6 minimum diameter cookware is recommended.

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Use larger diameter cookware for heat settings between and. Wok cooking The burner grates are uniquely designed to cook on either side.

The flat side accommodates flat bottom cookware stockpots, sauce pans, frying pans and flat bottom wokswhile the wok side is designed to hold a wide variety of round bottom woks without the api du brûleur de graisse cara makan for a separate ring. The front center burner is recommended for wok cooking on 6-burner 36 and 48 rangetops.

To properly fit the grate and match the flame size, the wok must be between 12 and 14 in diameter. Occasionally, during grilling, grease drippings can ignite creating minor bursts of flame for a second or two. This is normal when grilling.

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The grill radiant baffle is designed to catch excess grease, limiting flare-ups. If a flare-up becomes excessive, remove the food from the grill and lower the heat setting until the flare-up subsides.

To further reduce flare-ups, trim excess fat around the edges of steaks and chops, use hamburger that is lean, remove the skin from poultry, etc. Use a long spatula and a non-flammable mitt when turning food on the grill. Remove the cover before lighting the burner.

For your safety, the cover must be removed when using the grill. If the cover is left in place it will become extremely hot. Do not use any cookware on the grill. Using the IR grill before lighting the burner. The cover must be removed when using the IR grill.