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Listen, I wanted to create a video to show you uh what happens inside your body in relationship to insulin fat-burning the effects that it can create and give you a real uh inside demonstration of what it looks like so we're gonna do some animation through here.

Is underneath the left rib cage but extends over to the right a little bit, and it's triggered by sugar. So when you eat a carbohydrate rich meal and the faster that it turns in the sugar like certain things will turn the sugar fast other things are slow.

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So now we have this. Insulin that connects into the cell so insulin actually will remove the sugar out of the blood to bring the sugar down. Okay and what it does is it feeds the cell one of the functions that it feeds the cell. It's food. It's fuel so you can look at um insulin also as a key that opens the door, allowing the cell to absorb glucose okay. So as glucose goes inside the cell now we have a situation.

The cell is filled with glucose and it's being fed now, there's a signal that then we will go from the cell back up to the pancreas and tell the pancreas to turn off because it's been fed.

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It's called a feedback loop and all the hormones have this feedback loop where the hormones is sent across the distance. It does its function and then it's once it's done. As an acknowledgement, so then it can turn off if this signal is often in any way and the pancreas will continue to communicate and send more hormone when you really might not need it. So we know number one insulin feeds the cell fuel Okay, then it helps you store sugar.

So here's insulin it comes in your takes the sugar out feeds the cell number two. Liver and kidney That's where the storage happens and the body store sugar as something called glycogen. That's the name of it. It's a glycogen is a series of glucose molecules strong together in a chain, so there's two main types of fuel storage in the body.

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We have the glycogen reserve and then we have the fat Reserve Okay. The glycogen reserve, which is the sugar reserve, is roughly calories. It's very tiny versus calories on a non obese average person, so we have seventy. Thousand calories for fat versus only that's for sugar reserves.

Okay, so insulin helps in the absorption of fuel in the cell. So fat comes from the excess carbohydrates so as soon as the blood sugars. Too high, it converts insulin converts it to fat in the liver, so it's dumping fat into the liver and dumping fat into the body specifically in the belly area. This is the storage around the liver and start spilling off into a belly.

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That's where it's coming from. So in this section, I'm gonna talk about what is excess sugar in the blood. Normal blood sugar is between eighty and You have one teaspoon of sugar for all of your blood, an average person. It's roughly one and one-third gallons of blood.

That's normal. Your your insulin needs to deal with it, so it has to get this toxic sugar out protect the cells and dump it into the reserve, which is your belly.

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So it's converting the. Sugar to belly fat, and that's how it works. So the next thing that happens when you have too much sugar over a long period of time and too much sustained insulin, we develop something called insulin resistance where the receptor that's supposed to receive insulin becomes blocked.

Now what happens is now the glucose sugar can't get in the cell because the key is not working to allow the cell to be. The feel that it needs okay, so because there's no signals inside the cell that the glucose is getting in. There's no feedback loop to the pancreas to turn it off. So we have an incomplete communication.

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It's like someone's talking so much but no one's listening. So we have the situation where no off switch the body compensates to drive more insulin to try to connect with this little key to try to dry. Other symptoms graisse du ventre perte de graisse four main big symptoms with insulin resistance your fatigue, especially after you eat like you dr berg perdre la graisse du ventre lunch, you wanna take a nap number two.

You have excessive urination at night because wherever the dr berg perdre la graisse du ventre insulin is going fluid is following it. So you're actually the sometimes you have glucose coming to the urine.

4 Types de l’excès de graisse Partie 2 : que faire dans chaque cas

You're gonna be peeing more and also you're gonna have a lot of brain fog. Memory issues you have inflammation. That's why diabetics have loss of muscle collagen muscle weakness. They can't build muscle.

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They have joint issues disc issues a lot of protein. And potassium, the major mineral or electrolyte, which is potassium, will not go on the cell as well, thereby having fatigue high sodium. Kidney stones Okay, so insulin is needed for other things as well.