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    Eco slim efecte secundare Kamal A. Serge Villeret, P. Bourrelly, J. Lefeuvre Mention : Very honorable, with congratulations of the jury.

    Lebanese University-Faculty of Sciences.

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    Study of biological diversity of Lebanon. Aquatic fauna and flora.

    This proposal sheds light on an aspect on the study of negation, wherein people skillfully use this strategy of contrasting opposites in order to express the meaning of negation in daily speech. However, they do not mention the difference between these polarity pairs and negation. In reality, in the case of polarity pairs, particularly adjective polarity pairs, the latter member of the pair is frequently used to express a negative meaning.

    National biodiversity strategy and action plan. SAFA A. BID for negotiated procedures about water quality studies 32p. The Humanitarian office of European communities.

    Randby, H. Bonesmo, and L. Aass, Impact of grass silage quality on greenhouse gas emissions from dairy and beef production. Grass Forage Sci gfs,

    Submitted to Ecological Modelling. Toxins, 6 10 9.

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    SLIM K. Dessalination and water treatment52 Nature and Technology 9, Water and Environment Journal 27, Lyon 76 SAAD Z. Journal of environmental hydrology, 4, 16, Investigation natural and anthropogenic imputs. SAAd Z. Eau et santé 10, Water Science and technology. Supreme Council of Sciences.

    This terrestrial biome also occurs at high elevations. Long, cold winters and short, wet summers. Few species of trees are present; these are primarily conifers that grow in dense stands with little undergrowth. Some deciduous trees also may be present. Savannas are grasslands with scattered individual trees that do not form a closed canopy.

    Damascus — Syria 10 p. Bretagne 62 : Diatom Symp.

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    Paris : Bretagne, 56, 1 à 4: Inst Roy. Calibration and validation of chlorophyll-a and phycocyanin algorithms Ali Fadel. Chaayto Ecole doctorale université Libanaise 2-Negative effects of urbanization on underground water in the South Suburb of Beirut.

    Hamzeh Yazbek Ecole doctorale université Libanaise 3- Télédétection et modélisation tridimensionnelle pour surveiller, comprendre et gérer les proliférations d'algues toxiques dans les lacs et les retenues.

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    Application à la retenue de Karaoun Liban et au lac de Créteil France.