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Entrega de documentos: ver Ata 3. Je souhaite la bienvenue à M. Ernest Urtasun, ponente. Por ello, el papel del BEI va a ser esencial y esto hace especial este año el informe, también porque estamos a las puertas del inicio del denominado Plan Juncker.

El hecho de que este informe se haya redactado en paralelo —como decía— al Plan Juncker ha hecho que esto ocupe nuestra atención, obviamente. El segundo bloque de cuestiones que tratamos en el informe es eco slim opinii evaluación de la Project Bond Initiative, que ha supuesto una buena parte de nuestro trabajo.

Quisiera empezar, evidentemente, por el primer proyecto piloto, que fue, evidentemente, el proyecto Castor. El 26 de enero usted mismo, señor Hoyer, decía en el Parlamento Europeo que el proyecto Castor se convirtió en una tragedia y comparto su evaluación.

Quiero trasladarle, señor Hoyer, también un cierto malestar de los ciudadanos que hoy nos acompañan aquí por la falta de respuesta a la reclamación interpuesta ante la oficina del mecanismo de reclamaciones del Banco. El tercer bloque que me gustaría señalar es el bloque de la política energética. En este apartado hacemos un reconocimiento a los pasos dados por el BEI eco slim opinii su nueva política, con la paulatina supresión de ayudas a los proyectos del carbón, e insistimos en este sentido en la necesidad de presentar un plan para terminar con este tipo de proyectos.

Nosotros acogemos favorablemente los esfuerzos para mejorar la transparencia, pero nos han decepcionado un poco los resultados de la revisión de la política de transparencia.

It is always a little bit awkward to be in and then discuss the report ofbecause many issues that are very current in the minds of people and the issues that also the rapporteur has just meilleure façon de perdre rapidement de la graisse abdominale go beyond They are going into last year, this year and then into the future.

This is why I will not limit myself only toif you agree. The Treaty does not eco slim opinii for this exchange of views, but I think it is only proper that the Bank, given its size and relevance in the global financial landscape and its role within the EU institutional framework, comes to the European Parliament to explain what it is doing, especially with EU budgetary funds, where that is applicable.

First of all, I would like to thank the rapporteur and his colleagues for the Annual Report. I appreciate the support you give us — and have given us — to ensure that the EIB, the EU Bank, will continue to deliver benefits for the EU economy and for EU citizens as well as contribute to economic development in our external activities.

Notably, I appreciate your explicit support in the report: on the EIB as a catalyst for financing sound public and private long-term investments; on continuing to implement best prudential dbol pour la perte de graisse practices; on maintaining the very strong EIB capital position, and on selection of EIB projects based on their viability, added value and impact on economic recovery.

These factors you mention and support in the report are of fundamental importance for the Bank.

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Let me start by recapping on what we have achieved since — the year under review — and eco slim opinii forward into the future, even if that is always a risky exercise. I am pleased to be able to report that last year, inEIB signatures increased further to EUR 77 billion — EUR 27 billion more than would have been achieved eco slim opinii the extra capital and substantially higher than the figure in the report for We are now only a third of the way throughbut I can already announce that we have completed the additional EUR 60 billion of lending we promised to deliver at the June European Council.

That means, to be clear, when we asked the shareholders to agree to the capital increase that we needed, made in this very Parliament, we said that we would be able to trigger additional investment to the volume of EUR billion for over three years out of a capital increase of EUR 10 billion.

The deadline for achieving this is December We have already achieved it today, and this shows the multiplier which has been there — the multiplier was If we continue to the end of the year, the achieved multiplier will be far beyond We eco slim opinii now in a situation where we have discussed the assumed multiplier for eco slim opinii Juncker Plan and, since we know that we are going to go into more risky business, it is eco slim opinii eco slim opinii we have to be a little bit more careful and cautious.

Eco slim opinii, we have calculated on a very sound basis: We have to be on the safe side, but we are extremely confident that we will be able to deliver, and better.

The EU Bank crowds in the gocce eco slim opinioni sector in two ways: number one, on the basis of the capital increase, we were able to borrow more from the markets. The capital increase has enabled us to do much more on this.

The second part of the multiplier is the fact that we never finance roughly more than a third of a project, so two-thirds come from other sources. That brings about the multiplier, which we calculated cautiously at 18 for the capital increase and at 15 for the Juncker Plan.

Thus the EIB has delivered the capital increase faster than expected, which enables us to further support the economic recovery in Europe going forward. This decision lies in your hands, or now in the hands of the trilogue.

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Let me turn to some important broader issues mentioned in the report. As the EU bank, we know that the finance we provide is a means to an end. We provide for viable and sound projects where it makes a difference. Unlike a commercial bank, our eco slim opinii is not profit, but economic and societal outcomes.

We are conscious that many firms still struggle to get loans at reasonable conditions, and therefore we will continue to expand our offering. As a matter of fact, at the informal European Summit in Paris in July we promised to make available an additional EUR six billion for the fight against youth unemployment within the yearand by December we had delivered EUR 9.

It has therefore been a big success story, not only in terms of volumes, but also in terms of the impact it has had on the real employment of young people. Support to SMEs will continue at a sustained pace in through our normal business, but also under the Investment Plan for Europe. At the end ofthe EIB published an evaluation of its SME lending over the periodand we of course stand ready to provide you with eco slim opinii information.

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Sincewe have set stringent energy performance standards that effectively close the door on financing unabated coal power plants. With the encouragement of this House, we were able, into launch the European Energy Efficiency Fund, which has already helped mobilise more than EUR million of final investment for a technical assistance budget of just under EUR 20 million.

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Together with the Commission, we have recently launched a number of additional products to encourage more private-sector lending for energy efficiency and small renewable investments, and a new natural capital facility to support biodiversity projects. As a follow-up to our energy policy review last year, the Bank has also this year concluded a public consultation on its approach to climate action.

The Bank will continue to assess, throughouthow it can best contribute to increasing the availability of state-of-the-art training opportunities for young people, and increase the competitiveness of SMEs eco slim opinii Midcaps which provide employment or training opportunities to young people.

In doing so, it strives to complement national measures and the Youth Employment Guarantee programme of the Commission. Following the European Council request, the cooperation with National Promotional Banks has further intensified.

The EIB, together with the Commission, has initiated and enhanced cooperation in four working groups. These working groups are expected to deliver concrete proposals in time for the June Ecofin Council.

In your report, you stressed that the EIB must continue to be a financial institution of good practice. I can assure you that we do put a very strong emphasis on being a leading financial institution, no — the leading financial institution — when it comes to issues such as due diligence, compliance, good governance and accountability. We are continuously in contact with other international financial institutions, international organisations and relevant authorities to ensure that we eco slim opinii best banking practices.

It is particularly true for the Global Forum initiatives.

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We cannot afford to slip behind. We need to make sure that our financing is contributing to its aims in the best possible way. We need to lead by example, and we are able and ready to learn. Every year we finance approximately operations, and some of them have many different projects underneath. In a few isolated cases, projects go wrong — sometimes for reasons beyond our control. However, I am very proud that these few cases of failure rarely result in any losses for European taxpayers.

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Europe also has global responsibilities. This was a focus of our discussions in Washington this month with other multilateral development banks. We are very much looking forward to the financing for development conference in July. The EIB is willing to do more in its external action and will engage with the European External Action Service, the Commission, Member States and other financial institutions on ways to maximise our impact. At least, I personally hope so.

Eco slim opinii EFSI with an EU guarantee will allow the Bank to conduct more operations with a higher risk profile than it does currently, but we will maintain our high standards of due diligence. Let me assure you that we are willing to live up fully to our institutional responsibilities in setting up the European Fund for Strategic Investments and reporting back to you regularly on the impact it has had for Europe and its citizens.

Neven Mimica, Member of the Commission.


The Commission is glad to see that the EIB delivered and indeed exceeded the objectives of the Growth and Employment Facility and that the EIB commits to continue its important catalytic role to resolve the current investment and competitiveness challenges in the European Union. These projects are in different sectors — research and development, healthcare, industrial innovation, and transport — and in different countries: Spain, Italy, Ireland and Croatia.

We look forward to finalising the legislative eco slim opinii for the EFSI together with Parliament and the Council and to realising its full potential in close cooperation with the EIB. The EFSI is also a crucial opportunity to support infrastructure investments in line with EU policy priorities such as the Europe Strategy and the climate and energy package.

The Investment Plan has highlighted a broad range of priorities, including renewables and energy efficiency retrofits, water and wastewater, improved rail connections, greening projects in the area of maritime transport, alternative fuel infrastructure and third generation bio-refineries.

Furthermore, the European Union has increased perte de poids fbg level of ambition on climate actions, in particular with the adoption in October by the EU Council of the climate and energy targets. Access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs remains a pressing problem in several Member States.

On transparency policy, openness and accountability are key EU concepts. The Commission supports the EIB in being one of the frontrunners eco slim opinii other international financial intermediaries in access to information and transparency rules. We welcome the recent approval of the revised EIB group transparency policy, after a public consultation of civil society organisations. On external actions, Parliament calls for a thorough assessment and a report on risks and control systems associated with EU blending facilities.

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As regards the alignment of EIB external lending activities with EU policies before the mid-term review, practical eco slim opinii for linking the general objectives of the EU guarantee and perte de poids etsy implementation will be set out in the updated regional technical operational guidelines. The Commission is eco slim opinii reviewing these guidelines together with the EIB and in consultation with the EEAS, and the updated guidelines will be transmitted to Parliament and the Council in the coming eco slim opinii.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to the debate on this report. It helps us reach sustainable growth, improve our economy and make it more competitive, more crisis-resilient, knowledge-driven, and of course it is a tool for improving infrastructure in Europe. The EIB lending, coupled with structural reforms eco slim opinii fiscal consolidation in Member States, will be an essential tool for restoring growth in Europe.

The Bank will see its role and its responsibility increase in the near future through the entry into force of the EFSI.

We on the Parliament side want to see the EFSI become a success and are ready to play our role in that sense, but for the Fund to reach its goals, the EIB would definitely need additional human resources in order not to affect the existing operations of the Bank. Nevertheless, I must also draw attention to the fact that the current distribution of EIB lending still indicates important discrepancies between Member States.

I agree that the best and economically most viable projects have to be supported but, on the other hand, I think the EIB should also focus on investments, especially as regards infrastructure, in areas and regions that lag behind from this point of view. Another point which I would like to raise is the external mandate of brûler les graisses en un jour EIB. Taking into account the recent developments in the Eastern Neighbourhood, I think countries in this region should benefit from extra lending within the current mandate of eco slim opinii Bank, which is of course of geo-strategic importance for the Union.

Thank you for your attention and your cooperation. I think they should invest in the economically most viable projects. My thought was also that, in order to fulfil the mission of the Bank and reduce discrepancies in Europe, including for social cohesion, the Bank should maybe consider regions in which infrastructure is not yet up to the level of other countries and possibly also social indicators like employment, youth unemployment, and therefore, possibly, eco slim opinii investment in regions which lag behind in those indicators.

Même si nous pouvons nous réjouir d'une série d'éléments dans le travail et dans le fonctionnement de la BEI, nous savons aussi qu'avec le plan Juncker, l'institution occupera, dans les prochains mois, une place encore plus importante dans l'économie européenne.

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Je pense eco slim opinii lors qu'il est vraiment nécessaire de discuter de son rôle et de la manière dont elle doit l'exercer. Je pense que nous sommes triplement gagnants: nous préservons la planète tout en réduisant notre facture énergétique, et c'est évidemment une bonne chose pour l'emploi.

Les institutions publiques doivent montrer l'exemple et la marche à suivre. J'espère donc que la BEI pourra soutenir tous les projets public-privé qui seront déposés dans ce cadre. Deuxième priorité pour notre groupe, c'est évidemment les liens entre la BEI et certains intermédiaires qui sont basés dans des paradis fiscaux.

Nous savons que la BEI n'investit pas directement dans les produits, qu'elle s'appuie sur des intermédiaires financiers. Cela ne nous pose pas de problème, mais ce qui n'est pas acceptable pour notre groupe, c'est évidemment que ces intermédiaires soient basés dans les paradis fiscaux. Enfin, nous savons que la BEI dispose d'une capacité d'investissement énorme, surtout depuis sa recapitalisation en et enmais nous savons aussi qu'elle n'utilise pas tout son potentiel de prêts.