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I have compiled a few commonly asked questions new users ask before getting into superdrol. Please note that this thread is by no means makes you completely knowledgeable.

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I am not a guru on superdrol and have no hands on experience with this ph so please do novedex xt perte de poids take this as the beacon of knowledge. Between the ages of 18 thorough 21, males experience the highest test production.

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If you feel you want to supplement, I would strongly suggest you look for Test boosters, like tribulus and 6oxo. Please note that this has nothing to do with your lack of so called maturity or the feeling that youngsters are careless.

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This is scientific and numerous studies have been performed in this regard. I have just got my superdrolhow do I use it?

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The safest way to use superdrol is to keep the dosage low. Start with a low dose and work your way up if you can handle the sides.

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All over the boards you can find people using superdrol up to high doses of 40mg. I would suggest the following cycle.

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Week 1 — 10mg Week 2 — 20mg Week 3 - 20mg I would personally never recommend over 20mg. What times of the day do I take superdrol? SD has a low half life, around hours therefore make sure you plan your intake every hours.


Different people have different opinions to this question. From what I've seen, the over all consensus is to take the first dose in the morning with an empty stomach with loads of water.

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The next with your preworkout meal with good fats like EFA'sFlax and fish oils, peanut butter. Superdrol takes a heavy toll on your lipid profile.

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A carb and fat rich meal would somehow help a little bit here. This is my opinion, others differ with it.

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Does superdrol require a PCT? Give me a sample superdrol PCT. By no means is 6oxo or Rebound standalone strong enough to restart the test production in your body. You need a SERM! Please note its Nolvadex not novedex or nolvedex.

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Please look for Tamoxifen Citrate. You can also use Clomid, some users feel this is good as clomid does a lot of good to your lipid profile. Sample Clomid PCT.