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In general, there were no differences in perte de poids somerset by gender, although men were more likely to lose 5 kg than women. Outcomes for providers were compared using linear regression analysis; in perte de poids somerset comparison Weight Watchers and Rosemary Conley were compared with Slimming World see Table 3.

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The results show patients attending Weight Watchers and Rosemary Conley had greater changes in BMI, kilograms lost and percentage bodyweight loss than those attending Slimming World. The changes were greater for Weight Watchers than Rosemary Conley, but they were not statistically different. There was evidence that this was greater in Weight Watchers than Rosemary Conley.

Discussion Main finding of this study Patients attending NHS slimming on referral can successfully achieve short-term weight loss.

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Changes were greater for Weight Watchers than Rosemary Conley, although not statistically different. The study found Weight Watchers provided a greater value for money than other providers with lower costs per kilogram lost, per percentage bodyweight lost and per BMI point change.

Results from the study show that patients in obesity classes II and III were more likely to lose at least 5 kg of weight than those in Class I. Therefore, patients with a greater start BMI had more success in losing weight; though this is unsurprising because their start weight was higher. However, there were no differences in the proportion of weight loss by start BMI.

The study showed that men were more likely to lose 5 kg of weight than women, again this is likely to be related to men having on average a higher weight at baseline. Of the perte de poids somerset providers, Rosemary Conley was the least popular choice.

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Market share and public awareness of the providers are also likely to have had an effect. What is already known on this topic An RCT of four commercial weight loss programmes in the UK showed that clinically useful weight loss can be achieved in adults following commercial programmes with little input from a health professional.

A randomized study on primary care referrals to either standard care or Perte de poids somerset Watchers in Australia, Germany and the UK found that over 12 months those attending Weight Watchers lost twice as much weight.

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The mean start BMI of patients in our study was greater than that in the larger audits or the Dorset study Our study showed patients with a higher start BMI were more likely to lose weight and had a greater weight change, perte de poids somerset this may explain some of the differences. Both larger audits also found that a higher start BMI led to a greater weight loss although, in both cases, the absolute difference was small. In spite of the fact that obesity prevalence in men and women is similar, only This is, however, higher than the proportion of men seen in both the Weight Watchers and Slimming World audits In order to ensure equity of access, further research is needed to increase referral rates for men and to establish why men do not engage with these widely available NHS funded slimming on referral schemes.

What this study adds Our study demonstrated that referrals from primary care practitioners into a pragmatically delivered weight management scheme led to a clinically significant loss of 5 kg in bodyweight for almost half of the people who attended. Results showed that although the baseline profile of patients attending the three providers was similar, there were differences by provider in the weight loss outcomes of change in BMI, kilograms lost and percentage bodyweight lost.

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These differences were great enough to show that one provider, Weight Watchers, demonstrated better value for money than the other two. Limitations of this study There are a number of limitations to this study.

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The biggest is that the intervention was not a randomized trial and did not include a control group. A further limitation is long-term outcome data are not available, this would be useful to show whether the weight change is maintained.

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Cost-effectiveness data are not available, and the analysis of cost per percentage bodyweight lost is not based on data from an RCT. Further research is needed to assess the long-term clinical outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of PCT referral to commercial weight management providers.

The study does not offer insight into why patients did not engage, attend perte de poids somerset complete, neither is information available on how practices decided to make referrals or how they promoted the scheme to patients.

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We are investigating this further. In most cases, height perdre du poids en 23 semaines self-reported rather than measured. However, height would not change during the programme and self-reported height would not affect the primary outcome which was weight loss.

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The pilot took place in a relatively small geographical area meaning only a small number of group leaders from any provider was involved. This may explain the greater weight loss seen in our study compared with the larger audits.

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It is possible that the group leader has a significant effect on weight loss outcomes, although we cannot tell from this study what the extent of the effect might be. There was a difference in weight loss outcomes by provider and patients attending Weight Watchers lost more weight than those attending the other providers.

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An RCT is required to provide further evidence of differences between providers, long-term weight loss and cost-effectiveness. Supplementary data are available at the Journal of Public Health online… References.

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