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    Synthèse On a inclus 9 études salud casa grande perte de poids contrôlées qui décrivaient différentes approches pédagogiques et diverses mesures des résultats. Six études portaient sur des interventions éducatives pour des médecins en pratique active.

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    WRBCleveland, OH ; Kanwar, Jagat Rakesh Survivin, as an anti-apoptotic protein and a cell cycle regulator, is recently gaining importance for its regenerative potential in salvaging injured hypoxic cells of vital organs such as heart. Different strategies are being employed to upregulate survivin expression in dying hypoxic cardiomyocytes.

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    We investigated the cardioprotective potential of a cell permeable survivin mutant protein SurR9C84A, for the management of hypoxia mediated cardiomyocyte apoptosis, in a novel and clinically relevant model employing primary human cardiomyocytes HCM. The aim of this research work was to study the efficacy and mechanism of SurR9C84A facilitated cardioprotection and regeneration in hypoxic HCM. SurR9C84A proved non-toxic to normoxic HCM, as validated through unaltered cell proliferation and other marker levels.

    SurR9C84A holds a promising clinical potential for human cardiomyocyte survival and proliferation following hypoxic.

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