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Collecte de fonds terminée À propos My mom's story starts in when she found out she had Cervical Cancer.

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She was devastated. She was told she was at stage 3b and that she needed Chemo and Radiation. She did 9 weeks of Chemo and 37 Radiation treatments. After treatments she had a lot of problems and was told she had Chrons Disease and started treatment for that.

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After a year and a half of doing one kind of injection and having a reaction every time the Dr switched her to IV treatments for Chrons. She did 5 of those treatments before she had a reaction to that medicine.

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She went and Dr ordered scope uams de perte de poids see what was going on after doing a scope she was told she did not have Chrons and that the Radiation burnt her Sigmoid part of her Colon. That was when we thought hearing she had Cancer was bad. Dr told us that the bad part of her colon needed to be removed but in order to do that she would need to have a Colostomy placed for a short t…ime.

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We as a family stuck by her side even though uams de perte de poids fought with herself mentally because first Cancer now this.

She was more concerned about making sure the family was ok before thinking of herself. She felt the kids had already seen enough and the thought of them seeing this just broke her heart. And the thought of my dad having to miss more work would just put a strain on family. She waited as long as she could to have the surgery.

Finally she decided to have surgery and went in on December 16, Was suppose to be 1 surgery 1 week but ended up being 3 surgeries and 24 days. Now this is where it gets worse.

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She came home January 9, After 1 week at home she started coughing up blood and went to ER. Found out she had blood clots in both legs and both lungs and that her right lungs had what they called a lung attack.

She was admitted and IVC filter was placed in leg. She returned home after about a week or so. Home health was coming out to house at this point. In March she was admitted again for small bowel obstruction. Stayed about a week then returned home.

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Having other issues She was referred to bladder Dr. And was told needed bladder sling put in but due to radiation the Dr would not do the surgery. She was put on meds for problem. During this whole time she was telling the Drs and Home health that her back hurt.

She was told to walk a little further each day. And she did that. Still had pain.

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She then found out she had Parastomal hernia and that she needed surgery again. Went in July for 1 week for surgery. Let me fast forward some.

She currently has 2 more hernias and one of them being from mesh ripping.

Dr sent her to Shreveport to have sleeve put in for weight loss. With everything that she has been through we as a family decided not to do that surgery. And that she would lose the weight on her own. Dr had told her after talking to him he didn't want to do the surgery because she is high risk.

So she started on diet and started losing weight.

University of Arkansas Bref résumé Le but de l'étude est de comparer deux suppléments nutritionnels différents en ce qui concerne leur effet sur la construction musculaire et pour déterminer les facteurs qui contrôlent la vitesse à laquelle le tissu musculaire peut être produit chez les sujets atteints de cancer.

Finally after months of complaining her PCP Dr did MRI on her back and found out that she has 2 herniated bulging disk and spinal stenosis. Dr Sends her to Shreveport again to neurosurgeon and once again was told same thing won't do surgery because she is high risk.

That Dr referred her to pain management and physical therapy. When going to PT she was told that her back problem probably happened during all of the surgeries when being moved from bed to bed.

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Found a Pain Dr in Texarkana that would accept her insurance so she schedule appointment and went. After going to that Dr she heard same thing. Dr won't treat her cause she is high risk. She emailed her PCP Dr back and told her to just stop sending her to different Dr just for her to hear she is high risk and can't treat me.

There is days she can barely walk.

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She wake up crying cause pain is so bad. She just wants body minceur nz have some sort of life with our family. We have wrote local news stations and called local attorneys but nobody will help us.