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NEM, or Natural Eggshell Membrane has popped up as a popular supplement for osteoarthritis sufferers. NEM is said to act as a source of collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, and calcium, all of which have been investigated extensively for osteoarthritis treatment.

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Collagen is the much-hyped novel treatment for everything from arthritis to wrinkles, but there is not much evidence to support these claims.

While it plays a very important role as a component of joints, cartilage and ligaments, oral collagen supplements are not likely to mitigate joint pain.

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There have been several studies done on arthritic mice that show positive results, as benefos del body slim as some on arthritic dogsbut there is a lack of relevant human studies. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been thoroughly studied and have been found to lack efficacy in the vast majority of osteoarthritis patients.

As far as hyaluronic acid goes, taking oral supplements is probably useless. But what about a combination of these elements?

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We have previously addressed Joint Ease Plus, a supplement marketed for arthritis that contains many of the same constituents as NEM. At least NEM has current, properly conducted studies on its efficacy. So, what do they say?

Testing any supplement for benefits usually begins with looking for effects in rats or mice. Here are some studies that have been carried out in a reasonable fashion.

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This study showed a reduction of some inflammatory cytokines when NEM was given in doses of 6. This study found similar results, but only used 7 rats.

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This study looked at NEM in conjunction with goat fat as a source of omega-3 fatty acids in a range of doses, and found positive results based on knee diameter a marker of swelling and animal behaviour, albeit using sample sizes of 5 per dose.

This study used a sample size of 54, and found similarly positive results in reduction of ankle diameter, lower ankle and knee histopathology scores and lowered the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines found in the blood.

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You could have a reduction in pain that, while statistically significant, is too miniscule to matter to a patient. So, onwards to the human studies. This study involved 37 patients and gave them mg of NEM daily for 8 weeks.

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Based on questionnaires in which patients rated their pain on a scale ofstatistically significant results ranging from That means that with the best results patients went from rating their pain on average a 3. This study was placebo controlled, and double blind.

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Of course, the company also sponsored the study, so take these results with a grain of salt. This study was also placebo controlled, and double blind, with 31 subjects receiving placebo and 29 subjects receiving mg NEM daily.

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Still, with those remaining subjects, the study found statistically significant results for reductions in pain and stiffness at 30 and 60 days post treatment, but insignificant results for an improvement of function or overall joint health. Perhaps the most interesting of the studies, this one examined the efficacy of NEM in general, as well as the degree to which hydrolysis of eggshell membrane prior to blending into supplement form may affect its effects.

It first used 11 patients to test mg of daily NEM and found reductions in overall pain relevant only after 30 days, but an increase in flexion significant after 7.

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The most striking result was a The researchers then compared a 2. These results seem to hugely support NEM as a supplement, specifically a more hydrolyzed version of it they never discuss what effect the increased hydrolysis has on the supplement, but it likely breaks proteins down further and facilitates their absorption.

These results are all pretty lackluster and point to NEM helping only minimally with pain and stiffness, both in those with and without arthritis. Arthritis supplement studies in general show us how statistical significance and clinical significance are not the same thing.

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On a positive note however, NEM is safe. Bottom line: The evidence for Natural Eggshell Membrane helping with arthritis is pretty thin. Want to engage with this benefos del body slim Comment on this on our Facebook page!

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