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For most of his life, Stan believed his father to be a secret agent but, in reality, he was a jewel thief. After the man Stan paid to pretend to be his father died, "Grandpa Smith" the real Jack dropped in on the family. Roger developed a " boy crush " on Jack but the other family members were wary of him.

Roger goes so far as to dress like him and keeps Francine locked in a cage because Jack put her in there. Jack has black hair, sports an eyepatch on his left eye based on the traditional look of Marvel Comics ' super-spy Nick Furybut otherwise resembles his son Stan. Jack's second appearance is a single line of him being heard but not seen in a flashback to Stan's childhood where he asks his father to read to him.

papa américain stan perd du poids

Jack replies with a single line "Who the hell are you? Jack makes his fourth appearance in which Steve decides to visit him in his jail. When it is discovered that Stan never learned to ride a bicycle because his father was not there for him at the moments of need, Steve decides to reconcile them both by making Stan visit the jail where Jack is passing his sentence.

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After the latter one is released on Stan's parole, Klaus suggests the three of them should go camping as an act of reuniting Stan with his own father. It turns out to be a bad idea as Stan soon finds out that Jack is using his grandson to appeal to Stan so that he could defend his own father in court during the next trial verdict. Jack then turns Steve to his side and both run away, all while Steve begins viewing Jack as a father figure.

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When things get out of hand, however, Jack confesses that he is a crook who was up to no good all this time and wishes Stan would not lose Steve in times of need as much he himself once did.

When Stan finds out about this, he forces himself to ride his bike to the courthouse to give his own word papa américain stan perd du poids reference about his father's verdict, but arrives too late, much to both Jack's and Steve's contempt.

Jack is sentenced to five more years of prison, but is not bothered by the idea now that he has formed a genuine relationship with his grandson, and Stan promises to visit him this time.

In "Blood Crieth Unto Heaven" which was depicted in the style of a stage playit turned out that Jack had left the family after Stan found his mother making out with Jack who was disguised as a clown at papa américain stan perd du poids time and that he was eventually arrested after the police commissioner that Stan idolized and invited to his birthday called for police backup while investigating the thefts of the fruits from a fruit truck.

In "Minstrel Krampus" which was depicted in the style of a Christmas storyJack is revealed to have trapped Krampus while as a child. In this form, Jack plans to continue his predecessor's job in tormenting naughty children.

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In the episode "Klaustastrophe. No explanation for this is given. After Jack abandoned them, Stan took care of her and Betty began to depend unnaturally on her son. This relationship evolved to the point where Stan abducted all of Betty's new boyfriends from fear that they would end up hurting her, dumping them on an uncharted island.

Betty later marries Hercules, a widowed Greek butcher, who she met through Francine. Betty tells Stan that neither she nor her son need to depend on one another as they once did, finally ending his obsessive protectiveness of her.

Stan accepts that Betty has moved on and tolerates their marriage, though only after he has tried to stop them on board their flight to Greece. Betty is still unaware of her son's earlier actions, and all her previous suitors remain on a deserted island, which the two couples sail near after Betty and Hercules get married in Greece.

A short time later, Hercules dies as well, once again leaving Betty as a widow. She moves back into Stan's house, living in the attic with a put-upon Roger, who goes by the alias of Tom Yabbo.

papa américain stan perd du poids

She later falls in love with Roger and marries him. They take a trip to Niagara Falls where Betty plans to papa américain stan perd du poids her new spouse, to collect the insurance money on a policy that she has taken out on him.

Despite Stan's attempt to save his life, "Tom" la ceinture aide à perdre du poids to his death in the Falls, but Stan then notices Roger in a rain slicker leading a tour group, indicating he is fine.

Betty manages to collect the insurance money and moves to Paris, France, where she is seen going into a theater to watch "Fast and the Furious 7" enjoying the gay sex scenes depicted.

Rusty and his family visit Stan's family every Thanksgiving. Stan took the cash which he loses on a bus while Rusty takes the land, which turned out to have enormous copper deposits.

During their annual reunions Stan treats his relatives in a patronizing way believing that they are poor.

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On a return visit to Arizona it becomes clear that earnings from copper mining have made Rusty the extremely wealthy owner of a desert estate, living in a huge mansion modeled on that of a Roman emperor. Humiliated and jealous Stan unsuccessfully attempts to steal papa américain stan perd du poids property only to be expelled by Rusty's security detail. Previously polished and courteous, the now-furious Rusty vows to kill his half-brother if he returns.

After Hayley and Jeff papa américain stan perd du poids Stan, Francine, Steve, and Roger from the desert, Rusty appears with a gun stating that they are still on his property. When Stan asks how much land he has, Rusty states "sooooo much" in a dated and stereotyped Native American response. Rusty is distracted when the half-bodied helicopter pilot returns, giving the Smiths and Jeff the opportunity to escape. She is also the sister in law to Stan and Francine Smith.

Sooleawa'Uha patiently tolerates condescending remarks by Francine, although she lives in far greater affluence, with servants and a much larger kitchen. Stan once found their ways of life and Mandarin linguistics to be unbearably obnoxious. This papa américain stan perd du poids especially because they practically took over his house and redecorated it in all of their original visits. However, after Baba saved Stan's life when his house was set on fire, he warmed up to the Lings and ultimately came to respect them.

Bàba, in turn, apologized to Stan for not showing him more respect. In these moments, Baba also admitted he and Mama had been focusing most of their attention on their other daughter Gwen over Francine. They admitted to their belief that Stan was a decent son-in-law who has taken good care of her since they have been married. For this reason, both Baba and Mama know that it be unwise to give their money to Francine as opposed to Gwen when they pass away.

Much of their behavior is a parody of Oriental stereotypes and are a mix of Chinese culture and Japanese.

papa américain stan perd du poids

For example, bowing is a more pronounced characteristic of Japanese culture than Chinese at least in the modern dayand their redecoration of the Smith house is in a Japanese washitsu style, complete with a kotatsu table.

After Stan meets Francine's biological parents, he tries to manipulate Francine into wanting to meet them and disowning Baba and Mama. He accomplishes this by showing Francine their will in which everything is left to Gwen. At the episode's end, Baba reveals to Stan that it is Chinese papa américain stan perd du poids to give the money to the child that needs the help and explains why they chose Gwen over Francine.

He and Mama both know that she is an idiot and promiscuous. Gwen failed school when she was younger and therefore they know she will need a lot of help when they die.

However unlike Gwen, Francine is smart, has a good husband, and she does not need their money. During an "expositional" joke, Gwen is implied to be three years younger than Francine, although she is actually three years older than Francine. It is implied that Baba and Mama both resent her for not being more like Francine.

Stan apparently lusts after Gwen, who is repeatedly described as being "Playboy hot", which irritates Francine to no end as she and her parents know about her promiscuity.

He has mused over a marriage between Gwen and either Greg or Terry.

Stan Wawrinka : Sa femme, brisée, raconte son calvaire, "seule avec un bébé"...

Francine talks Stan out of this, citing the fact that Greg and Terry are obviously homosexual and are not interested in getting involved with her sister. Stan does not immediately accept this, preferring to believe that Gwen is "too hot" for either man, but he eventually comes to terms with and accepts their homosexuality.

Gwen makes her first on-screen appearance in "Now and Gwen" when she visits the family as a cover for her probation officer and continue her scams. Hayley gets annoyed with Francine always covering her and finally confronts Gwen, receiving a vague warning. When she tells Francine, she discovers that Gwen took the blame for a school fire started when Francine tried to emulate her sister's smoking in school and had tried to make up for it ever since.

Papa Americain Hentai Steve

As a result of Hayley's confrontation, she planned on setting the school on fire and frame Francine for it. With Gwen admitting that she took the blame the first time due to her love for her sister, they work out their differences. Gwen offers Francine a cigarette to celebrate patching things up, but the two accidentally set the school on fire. Francine agrees to take the blame and be papa américain stan perd du poids. Gwen however gets arrested for violating her parole while Francine's charges are dismissed under a suspended sentence due to Stan's connections to the CIA.

As a result, Gwen promises revenge against her sister once she gets out of prison. They abandoned Francine as an infant just to fly first class, since they could not do so with her. They are wealthy and appear good-natured, but deep down they are extremely self-centered. Stan once befriended them and tried to introduce them to Papa américain stan perd du poids who has no memory of themby inviting them in the house.

When the Dawsons admitted that they gave her up just to keep their first class ticket, this made Stan nervous around them, but is determined to keep them around. However, Klaus sees both Nicholas and Cassandra for the monsters they truly are and warns Stan to get them out of the house because he is setting Francine up to be hurt by them.

He tried to ignore Klaus, but eventually realizes that the German Goldfish was right about the Dawsons. Stan stopped trying after being put off by their selfish nature, especially when they leave him trapped in his burning house instead of helping him out, feeling that Francine is better off not knowing about them.

They papa américain stan perd du poids without meeting her. In the episode "Family Plan," Francine officially meets Nicholas when she decides to be part of a bigger family.

By this time, Cassandra had committed suicide by hanging and Nicholas has pitted the family against each other in order to see who gains control over the family fortune.

After Francine is the left the victor, he tries to finish off her as well, only for Stan to save her.

papa américain stan perd du poids

Nicholas is left alone with only his cat Roger in disguise. Apart from Nicholas, she is the only member of Francine's biological family that is still alive. He has used Jeff to ship drugs, which has gotten Jeff framed for drug-trafficking. When Stan and Roger learn that Jeff is wanted on drug charges in Floridathey pursue him to his father's farm hoping to cash in on the reward and get Jeff out of Stan's life. They are tricked and tied up by Henry who declares that he intends to turn in Jeff himself for the reward money.

He also reveals a startling fact that he had grown the marijuana Jeff was found with on his farm and sent Jeff to bring it to Florida, though Jeff had been totally unaware of any of this. Stan and Roger escape but Mr. Fischer has already turned Jeff in at the Boca Raton Police Department, and openly admits that he cares more about the money than his son.

Stan, however, proves Mr. Fischer's guilt, because he had been wearing a wire during his papa américain stan perd du poids as he always wears a wire for his job. Fischer is taken away for the drug charge and for attempting to murder Roger and Stan. Henry later popped up as an audience member in "Phantom of the Telethon". He along with Terry are neighbors to the Smiths. He and Terry have a penchant for minor bickering, flirting, and working on stereotypical "couples' issues" on the set or in other scenes of the show.

Greg is a member of the Log Cabin Republicans.

Papa Americain Steve Obtient Seins

He is presented as being very culturally sophisticated, at one point causing Stan to choose him over Francine as his guest to get into Avery Bullock's high-end party. He and Terry have a surrogate baby daughter, Liberty Belle.

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Before Libby's birth, Greg is panicky, questioning his ability and readiness to be a father, but immediately loves Libby upon holding her for the first time.

He is the " power top " in his and Terry's relationship and was once involved in a heterosexual marriage, during a period of time in which he was " confused " and believed he was heterosexual. Terry is a Democrat with blonde hair. He once goes out for a night with Stan as Stan erroneously attempts to "become gay" by choice, though they stop short of having sex when Stan realizes that he cannot choose to be gay. He is the bottom in their relationship. Another strain on his relationship with Greg was when Greg was revealed to be a Log Cabin Republicanto which Terry threw a tantrum in front of the whole neighborhood in disbelief at how Greg could have voted for George W.

Terry eventually leaves Greg to follow the band around.

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  • Plot[ edit ] Steve, while attempting to escape from gym class, finds a hideout used by a gothic, overweight girl named Debbie whom he finds fascinating and on whom he develops a crush.

Terry's removal from the series was due to Mike Barker leaving the show due to creative differences. Shortly after her birth, Stan kidnapped her because he believed that gay couples should not be allowed to raise papa américain stan perd du poids they nearly reached Nebraska but Stan was finally convinced to return her to Greg and Terry. Stan had named her after the Liberty Bell where her dads kept the name, but barred him from seeing Libby again for his actions.

In early episodes, Terry is implied to be closeted from his father, stating, "I've told you, as soon as my father dies I will wear the ring", upsetting Greg, who believes Terry should stop hiding their relationship. When "Tank" comes to visit, Terry pretends that Francine is his girlfriend and that Libby is their illegitimate daughter, and claims that Stan and Greg are gay lovers. During the time he spent in the episode, Tank is shown to be quite intolerant of homosexuality, constantly mocking Stan and calling him "fairy".

When Stan drunkenly outs Terry, Tank disowns his son. After unsuccessful attempts by Stan to decipher the basis of Tank's homophobia, Terry eventually gives his father the option of accepting him and being perte de graisse folle à la maison jour 9 part of their family or leaving, with Tank choosing to disown him. Tank later participates in a Vietnam War reenactment in the episode " In Country Club ", but has no dialogue.

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In "Gorillas in the Mist," Tank was shown watching the news in a bar, where Terry mentions that he forgives his dad. Tank changes the channel and tells the bartender that the guy dancing on television is his son.

He was once a real estate agent, and is a "former homosexual".